No. Just…no.


Why is it, when I see this picture, the only aroma that comes to mind is that of an elevator in a public parking garage?



My Day Shopping…or…the Outlets to My Frustration

Today, my wife decided that we needed to take a field trip. Well…a shopping trip. Nothing wrong with that except she wanted to go to the Vacaville Outlet Stores. That’s a 60+ mile trip from our house and in the ObamaEconomy, gas is at $4.25 per gallon and rising. That type of frivolity can add up fast. I relented because I thought it would be good to see what type of prices the “outlet” stores have. I mean, they are “outlet” stores with the goods straight from the maker so the prices should be lower…right? That was my first mistake. Believing that outlet stores have lower prices. I’ll have more to say about the prices later.

tesla-parking Let’s start at the beginning. We parked the car and started our walk around the stores. This was the first thing I saw. Yes, those are electric car charging stations. But not just ANY electric car. They are TESLA electric car chargers. Which means that TESLA has somehow convinced the management at the Vacaville Outlet Stores to allow people to recharge their non polluting, green, eco-friendly, Gaia-loving, non genetically engineered electric cars on the people’s dime! The people? Well, who do YOU think is paying for the electricity? These are NOT kiosks that have a payment method included.

tesla-charger I walked all around these charging stations and the only thing there, is the portal-like stand with a TESLA-specific charging handle. I found no way to make a payment. Which means that the electricity used is charged by PG&E to the outlet stores management who passes it on in rental and other costs to the stores who pass it on in the form of higher prices to the consumers. Wonderful. And I know you know this: the electricity is created by burning coal or from nuclear power plants. So these cars are NOT eco-friendly. At least by the standards that liberals themselves have set. Not for THEMselves. For everyone ELSE. I was thinking this was NOT the way to start a day shopping but I figured if it started out at the bottom, it HAD to get better. It HAS to get better…doesn’t it? Please?

Not really. The prices were just as, if not more, expensive as if we were shopping close to home. One of the stores is called Restoration Hardware. It has nothing to do with restorations and it doesn’t stock any hardware. It’s a furniture store. An upscale furniture store. An expensive upscale furniture store. A VERY expensive upscale furniture store. There was a wood dining room table. For $3,552. I think it was teak. It had damn well better have been teak and the nuts and bolts should have been solid gold. But it was just a wood table. Just. A. Wood. Table. This was NOT some one-off piece of furniture created by Norm Abram at The New Yankee Workshop. It was just a wood table. A $3,552 wood table.

We also visited a store called Coach. Silly me! I thought it was a sporting goods store! It’s a lady’s handbag store. Though I’m fairly certain that the male-looking employees have male DNA, I just don’t know if they put it to use with the ladies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Here is a sample of the wares in the store called Coach.

doilie-handbagGuess what the price is for this handbag? No, you’re wrong. You’re still wrong. Nope. Not even getting warm. That handbag is exactly what you see. One piece of outer material with holes in it and no lining. It costs $400. Yes. It. Does. There are many things to buy worth $400 but the key word here is “worth.” This looks like some grandmother glued all her doilies together and put handles on it. Jeebus!

By this time, my feet were hurting a bit and I wanted to sit down for a few minutes. We found a food court that served coffee drinks. I ordered just a coffee. My wife ordered an iced caramel macchiato. She also got a coffee — with something in it that gave it a coffe-and-cream color. When she complained, the girl put some ice in a clear plastic cup and poured my wife’s coffee over it. All of the ice melted. So my wife had to add more ice to cool it to the temperature of an iced coffee drink. Think of the weakest coffee you have ever tasted. It was weaker than that.

We finally decided to call it quits and go home. On our way to the freeway, we saw an Amichi’s restaurant in the Nut Tree center. So we pulled in and had a late pizza lunch. I had the Amichi’s combo and my wife had something that I wouldn’t eat but she liked. And I liked my pizza too. It was OUTSTANDING! The Alley Cat Pale Ale went perfectly with the pizza. It ended the shopping trip on an up note.

really-miss-reaganWell, what ended the trip on an up note was when we got in the car to go home. I spotted this bumper loaded with a few stickers. At first I thought, “California. What liberal message will be on these?” Then I looked closer. WOO-HOO! Yes-sir-ree! A real American in California. Wow! Thank you, sir. I really miss President Reagan too. Our last REAL president. Thank you for supporting our 2nd Amendment rights and for supporting MagPul as well. It sure made the trip home much better!

Underwear as a political statement

So, I’m on-line checking on prices for mens underwear. At the Wal-Mart site, I check the Fruit of the Loom briefs, see the price (reasonable), and then I notice the comments. Comments? For underwear? I understand comments about TVs or audio equipment, but underwear? They fit or they don’t fit. If they’re too big, you buy the next size down and then wait about 5 years and the first ones will fit. Come on! This is MALE logic. It’s not flawless logic but it works for us guys.

On the other hand, I’ll bet that what you didn’t know was that mens underwear is also a political statement. Well, it is. And from reading this buyer’s comment, I’d say he nails it! And you thought it was all about comfort and price!

You have to read this comment!


I’ve finally got a job!!!

After two years and two months of being one of Obama’s unexpected, I am now a member of the employed. I’ve been working since December 2nd but I wanted to wait to pass along the news until I got my first paycheck. I guess that kind of makes it real. I’m sure some of you have noticed I’m not around much. Or, maybe you haven’t!

It’s strange to be working again after 2 years of looking for work. Which is a job in itself. For my entire life, I had never been out of a job for longer than 3-4 weeks. My wife once told me when a previous employer went out of business, “I don’t worry about you being out of work because you always find a job so quickly.” That time, I found a job just 3 weeks later.

But this time it’s different. We have a brain-dead, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing socialist in the White House who couldn’t care about the unemployed. I remember when Ronald Reagan was president. He CARED that people were unemployed. So much so that he went to the mat for the unemployed and got taxes cut, even though both houses of congress were run by the democrats. When those tax cuts took effect, the unemployment rate dropped. But Obama cares so little about the working people who are the backbone of this country. And while I’m not sure who the brain is, I sure know who the rectum is.

As for my job, it’s very good and I do like it. I am learning a lot about the medical profession and medical terminology. And even though it is not in my chosen career path, it is a solid job that has allowed me to get my foot in the door. However, in ObamaLand you no longer have a career — you have a job. And this one is $20 an hour less than what I was making. But it’s in town so my commute is minutes instead of hours and the team I work with makes the job worth so much more. For me, the glass is half FULL!

But, there is one thing I will continue to do. If I am ever polled again by a national polling agency, I am unemployed but still looking for work. That way, the unemployment rate cannot go down because of me. As a matter of fact, it should go up. If Obama is cooking the employment books, then I can lie about my status as unemployed. And all of you should as well. Never give Obama that satisfaction. He is doing nothing to help the unemployed. We should do nothing to help him.

My son kicks ass…

…in his high school debate.

My son had to choose to be a United States Senator for his government class. They were learning about Senate debates and each of the students had to be a specific Senator for this particular class assignment. So my son chose…

Senator Ted Cruz!!!

ka-BAM!  I’ll bet his teacher got the vapors over that one! He had to do some research on Senator Cruz and learned a lot about him. My son didn’t know he had been born in Canada. I told him that Mr. Cruz has renounced his Canadian citizenship because this fight we are in, he has said, is all about the United States.

Anyway, today was the start of the debates in class. One topic was the rights of the father in a pregnancy. He said some girl stood up and took the typical feminist tack that it is the woman’s right to choose and that the man is not involved. My son stood up and said, “You involved the man the instant you had unprotected sex with him.”

The second topic was the sanctity of marriage. One student was arguing that it doesn’t matter who you marry, it’s your right to marry who you choose. My son asked the question that Dr. Thomas Sowell asked, “If polygamists weren’t allowed to redefine marriage to suit themselves, why should homosexuals be allowed to?”

When the discussions ended, each student had to mark who made the best discussion points. The students around my son all marked him down as the one that made the best arguments!

Thank you Senator Cruz for your highly informative and intelligent statements!

Even with Oswald, it’s still a conspiracy

Picture yourself as a “lone gunman” who has military experience. You are getting help from NO ONE. That is the definition of lone gunman; even the smallest amount of assistance from one other person means conspiracy. (One quick side note here. During the Warren Commission hearings, the first thing that former CIA Chief Allen Dulles did was to try to convince the other members that all other presidential assassination attempts, successful or not, had been done by a “lone gunman.” One of the commissioners asked about the Lincoln assassination citing 100 years of history books that proved there were four conspirators. Dulles claimed that John Wilkes Booth was such a forceful personality and did most of the work, it was in essence, the work of a lone gunman. Someone then asked about the assassination attempt by multiple Puerto Rican nationalists on President Truman that had happened just over 10 years before. Again, Dulles, not wanting to admit to a conspiracy said the multiple shooters were so focused on just one goal, it was a “lone gunman.” You can see that even with 100 years of evidence against him, Dulles was trying, at the earliest possible date, to keep the commission from finding a conspiracy. Back to the narrative.)

The only thing that matters to you is WHERE you are shooting FROM. Your perch is everything. Wrong shooting perch, ineffective assassination. Your shooting platform also decides which type of gun you will use. If your target is a mile away, you’d probably want to use a Barret .50 Caliber. On the other hand, if you’re going to be rubbing shoulders with your target, a .38 caliber snub-nose revolver will do. You certainly wouldn’t use the Barrett up close or the .38 at long distance. And you can’t just make a stupid GUESS about from where you will shoot. You must reason out the best spot to shoot from. Since the president is visiting Dallas, you would rightly assume he will pass through Dealey Plaza (the birthplace of Dallas).

You look at Dealey Plaza. Houston Street borders it on the East (the top of the linked photo) and the Triple Overpass on the West (bottom of the photo). Elm Street is the Northern border and Commerce Street is the Southern border (Elm is one-way East to West and Commerce is one-way West to East). It is bisected by Main Street running East/West (top to bottom in the photo). You see it is a mirror image, North/South. You know the president will land at Love Field which is Northwest of Dealey Plaza. So there are a few directions the motorcade may take. However, the president is set to visit the Dallas Trade Mart which is located on the Stemmons Freeway. So, the best direction for him to come would seem to be South on Houston, a shallow right on Elm, under the Triple Overpass, and then off to the Stemmons Freeway. So you get a job at the only business available on the East side of the plaza — the Texas School Book Depository — to position yourself for a shot coming down Houston and turning onto Elm. All other buildings surrounding the plaza are gov’t buildings.

Then you see a problem. If the motorcade comes down Main Street and just keeps on going, the limo will be way out of range of the TSBD. Of course, if the motorcade turns North on Houston you get a shot at the president coming right at you. If the motorcade then turns onto Elm, you’ll get a shot of him going away from you. Sounds good, but Secret Service regulations forbid the presidential limo from making a turn of more than 45 degrees or dropping speed below 45 mph. If the motorcade turned North on Houston from Main and then West on Elm from Houston, they would be committing four separate violations of Secret Service regulations in the space of one city block. You know that ain’t gonna happen and as a lone gunman having to rely on only yourself, you’re not going to count on THAT much luck. So you need to find a perch where you will have the best possible shot whichever direction the motorcade takes.

You look at the Triple Overpass. All three roads converge under it (Elm, Main, and Commerce, North to South). As the convergence comes out the other side, there is a convenient on-ramp to the Stemmons Freeway whether you take Elm or Main. If you place yourself between Elm and Main on the Triple Overpass, you can shift your shooting angle between the two, depending on which way the motorcade comes. It doesn’t matter if they come down Houston and turn onto Elm or come straight down Main (neither of which violates regulations). Even if they DO violate regulations and come down Main, turn on Houston and then on Elm, you STILL get a shot. And the best part of the Triple Overpass is that the presidential limo is coming to YOU! Which means you don’t need a 30-06 or a .308 hunting rifle. The target will be closing toward your position. You can use a less expensive rifle with less powerful ammunition because you’re not having to make the adjustments as the target gets farther away. In case you’re interested, the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (6.5mm rounds) retailed for just about $20.00, mail order. If the president comes through Dealey Plaza (very likely) and needs to end up at the Dallas Trade Mart, the best place to be to assassinate him is the Triple Overpass.

However, you choose the TSBD because you’re hoping he will come down Houston and turn onto Elm and just chance it that he won’t come down Main. So you setup your “sniper’s nest” on the 6th floor of the TSBD and wait for the motorcade. You see it’s heading West on Main toward the plaza and your heart drops. Then it inexplicably turns onto Houston and then on Elm and you have your shot! How LUCKY can you be?! You counted on the wildest luck to have the Secret Service violate its own regulations and it happened! You take your shot while the limo is practically stopped on Elm and you kill the president. Then your dream is over and ends in complete failure because while headed West on Main Street, the president leans forward towards the driver and says, “Driver, don’t turn right here. Just continue strait through the plaza.”

The only way that Oswald would choose the TSBD is because he was TOLD to be there. He filled out the job application to work at the TSBD just 38 days before the assassination. He KNEW the Secret Service would violate regulations, because that is the kind of “luck” you DON’T count on. He KNEW the route in advance. He HAD to because there is NO REASON that a lone gunman would choose the TSBD if the route could have been Main Street, straight through the plaza, which would screw his shooting solution to hell. The TSBD makes NO SENSE for a lone gunman, reasoning out the best possible shooting position, because it is one of the worst assassination positions possible. While on the other hand, the Triple Overpass is the near perfect shooting perch because it gave him the best shooting position no matter which way the motorcade took. If you get Oswald as the shooter, it’s still a conspiracy.