Give them Kalocin

This is from Michael Crichton’s best-selling novel The Andromeda Strain.

Kalocin was perhaps the best-kept American secret of the last decade. Kalocin was a drug developed by Jensen Pharmaceuticals in the spring of 1965, an experimental chemical designated UJ44759W, or K-9 in the short abbreviation. It had been found as a result of routine screening tests employed by Jensen for all new compounds. Like most pharmaceutical companies, Jensen tested all new drugs with a scatter approach, running the compounds through a standard battery of tests designed to pick up any significant biologic activity. These tests were run on laboratory animals — rats, dogs, and monkeys. There were twenty-four tests in all. Jensen found something rather peculiar about K-9. It inhibited growth. An infant animal given the drug never attained full adult size. This discovery prompted further tests, which produced even more intriguing results. The drug, Jensen learned, inhibited metaplasia, the shift of normal body cells to a new and bizarre form, a precursor to cancer. Jensen became excited, and put the drug through intensive programs of study. By September 1965, there could be no doubt: Kalocin stopped cancer.

Through an unknown mechanism, it inhibited the reproduction of the virus responsible for myelogenous leukemia. Animals taking the drug did not develop the disease, and animals already demonstrating the disease showed a marked regression as a result of the drug. The excitement at Jensen could not be contained. It was soon recognized that the drug was a broad-spectrum antiviral agent. It killed the virus of polio, rabies, leukemia, and the common wart. And, oddly enough, Kalocin also killed bacteria. And fungi. And parasites. Somehow, the drug acted to destroy all organisms, built on a unicellular structure, or less. It had no effect on organ systems — groups of cells organized into larger units. The drug was perfectly selective in this respect. In fact, Kalocin was the universal antibiotic. It killed everything, even the minor germs that caused the common cold. Naturally, there were side effects — the normal bacteria in the intestines were destroyed, so that all users of the drug experienced massive diarrhea — but that seemed a small price to pay for a cancer cure.

In December 1965, knowledge of the drug was privately circulated among government agencies and important health officials. And then for the first time, opposition to the drug arose. Many men, including Jeremy Stone, argued that the drug should be suppressed. But the arguments for suppression seemed theoretical, and Jensen, sensing billions of dollars at hand, fought hard for a clinical test. Eventually the government, the HEW, the FDA, and others agreed with Jensen and sanctioned further clinical testing over the protests of Stone and others.

In February 1966, a pilot clinical trial was undertaken. It involved twenty patients with incurable cancer, and twenty normal volunteers from the Alabama state penitentiary. All forty subjects took the drug daily for one month. Results were as expected: normal subjects experienced unpleasant side effects, but nothing serious. Cancer patients showed striking remission of symptoms consistent with cure. On March 1, 1966, the forty men were taken off the drug. Within six hours, they were all dead. It was what Stone had predicted from the start. He had pointed out that mankind had, over centuries of exposure, developed a carefully regulated immunity to most organisms. On his skin, in the air, in his lungs, gut, and even bloodstream were hundreds of different viruses and bacteria. They were potentially deadly, but man had adapted to them over the years, and only a few could still cause disease. All this represented a carefully balanced state of affairs. If you introduced a new drug that killed all bacteria, you upset the balance and undid the evolutionary work of centuries. And you opened the way to superinfection, the problem of new organisms, bearing new diseases. Stone was right: the forty volunteers each had died of obscure and horrible diseases no one had ever seen before. One man experienced swelling of his body, from head to foot, a hot, bloated swelling until he suffocated from pulmonary edema. Another man fell prey to an organism that ate away his stomach in a matter of hours. A third was hit by a virus that dissolved his brain to a jelly. And so it went. Jensen reluctantly took the drug out of further study. The government, sensing that Stone had somehow understood what was happening, agreed to his earlier proposals, and viciously suppressed all knowledge and experimentation with the drug Kalocin.

Too bad it’s not real. We could tell the democrats it makes you smarter.


Obama = Nixon

Read the first paragraph from this article. Then come back here.

U.S. District Court Judge John Sirica John D. Bates has denied a request from the Oval Office Department of Justice to quash the subpoena delay the release of a list of Watergate Operation Fast and Furious documents being protected under President Nixon’s Obama’s assertion of executive privilege.

You know Obama is an inept, incompetent, ignorant president when the conservative press just has to recycle all of the communiqués by the liberal press from the Nixon administration. Too bad the liberal press doesn’t realize what’s going on. Or maybe they do and have just become jaded about Obama and do nothing for fear of being called racists by their liberal “journalist” brethren.

Obamacare Survivor


Well, another season of Survivor is in the books. Personally, I don’t watch it. As I understand it, the guy that everybody hated was the winner. So I guess it’s like the last two presidential elections.

And speaking of inept, incompetent, and ignorant anti-American, muslim, marxist, leninist, socialists, Obama’s signature legislation, Obamacare, keeps claiming more and more victims. Millions of people have lost healthcare plans that the democrats claimed they would get to keep. Mind you, those healthcare plans were what the people liked, not what the government liked. So they had to go. It’s a shame that the press doesn’t report more thoroughly on this. They’d rather just take the talking points from Jay Carney and report the lies, breathlessly!, about how Obamacare is working.

If the number of people that have been thrown off of their healthcare plans were spoken about to the same extent and with the same degree of interest as those that are thrown off of Survivor, the democrats would not win a single seat in the elections this November.

Underwear as a political statement

So, I’m on-line checking on prices for mens underwear. At the Wal-Mart site, I check the Fruit of the Loom briefs, see the price (reasonable), and then I notice the comments. Comments? For underwear? I understand comments about TVs or audio equipment, but underwear? They fit or they don’t fit. If they’re too big, you buy the next size down and then wait about 5 years and the first ones will fit. Come on! This is MALE logic. It’s not flawless logic but it works for us guys.

On the other hand, I’ll bet that what you didn’t know was that mens underwear is also a political statement. Well, it is. And from reading this buyer’s comment, I’d say he nails it! And you thought it was all about comfort and price!

You have to read this comment!


I’ve finally got a job!!!

After two years and two months of being one of Obama’s unexpected, I am now a member of the employed. I’ve been working since December 2nd but I wanted to wait to pass along the news until I got my first paycheck. I guess that kind of makes it real. I’m sure some of you have noticed I’m not around much. Or, maybe you haven’t!

It’s strange to be working again after 2 years of looking for work. Which is a job in itself. For my entire life, I had never been out of a job for longer than 3-4 weeks. My wife once told me when a previous employer went out of business, “I don’t worry about you being out of work because you always find a job so quickly.” That time, I found a job just 3 weeks later.

But this time it’s different. We have a brain-dead, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing socialist in the White House who couldn’t care about the unemployed. I remember when Ronald Reagan was president. He CARED that people were unemployed. So much so that he went to the mat for the unemployed and got taxes cut, even though both houses of congress were run by the democrats. When those tax cuts took effect, the unemployment rate dropped. But Obama cares so little about the working people who are the backbone of this country. And while I’m not sure who the brain is, I sure know who the rectum is.

As for my job, it’s very good and I do like it. I am learning a lot about the medical profession and medical terminology. And even though it is not in my chosen career path, it is a solid job that has allowed me to get my foot in the door. However, in ObamaLand you no longer have a career — you have a job. And this one is $20 an hour less than what I was making. But it’s in town so my commute is minutes instead of hours and the team I work with makes the job worth so much more. For me, the glass is half FULL!

But, there is one thing I will continue to do. If I am ever polled again by a national polling agency, I am unemployed but still looking for work. That way, the unemployment rate cannot go down because of me. As a matter of fact, it should go up. If Obama is cooking the employment books, then I can lie about my status as unemployed. And all of you should as well. Never give Obama that satisfaction. He is doing nothing to help the unemployed. We should do nothing to help him.