Accidental Racism

Watch this video and see if you can Spot the Accidental Racism!

Did you see it? Of course you didn’t. You can’t, because only a liberal can spot accidental racism. Intelligent people know there is no such thing. All racism is intentional such as the democrats passing the Fugitive Slave Act in the 1850s or the democrats doing all they could to keep slavery alive before the Civil War or the democrats voting against the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments or the democrats creating the Ku Klux Klan or in the late 19th century, the democrats repealing the civil rights legislation passed by the Republicans or the democrats passing the Jim Crow laws or the democrats lynching blacks or the democrats voting against making lynching a federal crime or the democrats filibustering the civil rights legislation of the mid 1950s or the democrats attacking the civil rights marchers in the late 50s and through the 60s or the passage of democrat LBJ’s “Great Society” which has led to the destruction of the black family.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure ALL racism is intentional.


Why We Fight

The title of this post is the title of a series of documentaries by Frank Capra to help servicemen and civilians understand why we were engaged in WWII. We are at that crossroads again. We are at a serious tipping point in our Republic were we can fall into the hate, suffering, and tyranny of socialism or we can re-establish the greatness that was once this country and lead the world in freedom, liberty, and opportunity.

Today, I had a small part in a protest against Barack Obama’s open borders policy. Here in Santa Rosa at the Earle Street overpass at 11am, over Highway 101, many like-minded individuals came together to show signs, display the flag, and claim and exercise our First Amendment right to speak freely about our displeasure with the current political policies. I will try to remember all that happened and place it in some semblance of order.

First off, I do remember your names but I’ve decided to not post the names. So please don’t be offended that I didn’t mention you by name.

I arrived first at about 10:45 and took a few photos. Mostly to show the garbage that was there before we arrived. Here is an example of what was found and it truly is a “ringing endorsement” of the efficacy of the free needles for junkies campaign.


Three gentlemen showed up at 11am and started to display their signs and flags as I took photos.


I was trying to get some pictures of the cars that honked and waved and gave us a thumbs up. Most did.


However, we would get the odd (and I do mean odd!) person that would give us the one fingered salute or a thumbs down. I guess it never dawned on them that they were flipping off and thumbing down the United States Flag. Proud Obama voters.

One woman then showed up with a sign that said Bad for ALL workers! After a short while a gentleman showed up with this sign.


He told me that when he displayed this sign at a counter protest to a rally held by the open borders extremists, his life was threatened. I told him I wasn’t surprised since we are talking about liberals. Then a gentleman with this sign showed up.


He attached it to the mesh fence with some zip ties until a CA Highway Patrol Sargent came by and told us we could display the signs but could not attach them to the fence. He had obviously had run-ins with the liberals that use this footbridge for protests because he saw that we were conservative protesters and all he did was to tell us not to connect the signs to the mesh fence and then he left. This told me that he KNEW we would disconnect the signs because the liberals he encountered would NOT follow that directive. We complied and just held the signs to the fence. As more people showed up more signs and more flags were displayed. At one point, the breeze was stiff enough to make all of the flags stand proudly in the wind.


One young man showed up with his dog.


I was speaking to a few of the women that attended and they related stories of how at other protests they encountered sheriffs and other law enforcement personnel that were very antagonistic toward conservative protesters. They even threatened a few with arrest. Maybe they got audited by the IRS and were told to go after conservatives in lieu of a favorable audit.


There were also a few people that I can only describe as regulars that crossed the footbridge while we were there. A few bicyclists and a few pedestrians. Most said nothing as I guessed that they had encountered sign-waving from the footbridge before. However, one woman walked by taking a video from her cell phone as though video of a group of conservatives claiming and exercising their First Amendment right to free speech was somehow a horrible and ghastly thing to allow. She was followed by this diversity-minded, tolerant, and inclusive liberal.


Looks to me like she has a little bun…dist in the oven. She was accompanied by a boy holding a Mexican flag. I say that because when she left, so did he. I commented to the woman with whom I was speaking that had this been a protest in support of open borders and that boy was carrying an American flag, he would have been spent the night in the hospital. Oh, wait! That’s not covered by Obamacare. He would have spent the night hanging from a tree.

What upsets me the most is that we have to protest to restore freedom, liberty, and opportunity. When did Superman’s Bizarro World become the norm? My father fought in WWII against people just like Barack Obama. He probably saw the Why We Fight series. I always thought we won WWII. Now I realize that we won the combat phase of WWII. Once the fighting was over, the liberals started fighting by taking over the classrooms and the press, destroying the cities, and murdering unborn babies in a genocidal attempt to wipe out the black race in this country. This is why we fight — to stop liberalism.

Here are the other photos from the event. Click on any photo and you will be taken to the gallery. You can move through the photos by clicking either the left or right arrow around the photo. Scroll down to where you see View full size. Click that and you will get the full size photo for downloading.

The Hell that is islam

I don’t believe in everything Pat Condell says. I believe in God and he does not. But the thing about Condell is that he doesn’t really care if I do as long as I don’t try to force it on him or anyone else. Freedom is, well…your choice. So I recommend Mr. Condell’s YouTube channel because he speaks out against the worst tyranny of our time: islam. I also recommend his video on cultural terrorism. He tells it like it is.

My point is that the liberals in this country accept islamic lies, like it being the religion of peace, because it’s no different from them. The reason the libturds so readily accept islam is because it uses the exact same tricks to insinuate itself into an intelligent culture and destroy it.

Socialists find freedom and intelligence somewhere in the world and go berserk because they can’t stand it when people are happy and successful. So they take over from the inside out. They take over academia, entertainment, and the press. Anyone that tries to sound the warning is branded as an alarmist or worse, a conspiracy theorist deserving re-education. When socialism fails, as it always does, the blame goes to whomever cannot defend themselves. Mostly because the press and entertainment industry controls what you see and hear. The takeover is complete when you are happy with your lot because you are just glad the gov’t is allowing you to live.

Everything I’ve said about socialism can be said about islam. This is why the democrats and RINOs in this country are so easily swayed by the islamic lies. When they stare at islam, they think they are looking in a mirror.