Accidental Racism

Watch this video and see if you can Spot the Accidental Racism!

Did you see it? Of course you didn’t. You can’t, because only a liberal can spot accidental racism. Intelligent people know there is no such thing. All racism is intentional such as the democrats passing the Fugitive Slave Act in the 1850s or the democrats doing all they could to keep slavery alive before the Civil War or the democrats voting against the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments or the democrats creating the Ku Klux Klan or in the late 19th century, the democrats repealing the civil rights legislation passed by the Republicans or the democrats passing the Jim Crow laws or the democrats lynching blacks or the democrats voting against making lynching a federal crime or the democrats filibustering the civil rights legislation of the mid 1950s or the democrats attacking the civil rights marchers in the late 50s and through the 60s or the passage of democrat LBJ’s “Great Society” which has led to the destruction of the black family.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure ALL racism is intentional.


Breasts are good, liver is bad

Even the British notice the stupidity of liberalism. The People’s Socialist Quagmire of California will start enforcing a ban on foie gras come July 1st. The law was passed in 2004 when RINO Schwarzenegger signed it. However, there was an eight year grace period which will be over come July.

But my real problem with this is the only producer of foie gras in the state is a farm right here in Sonoma County!

California’s only foie gras producer is Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras, which is going out of business, despite business booming with clients placing bumper orders at $60 a pound in the weeks before the ban starts.

Thanks, libtards! Less jobs in our back yard of Sonoma County! Artisan Foie Gras has been following every state and federal regulation in production of foie gras. But that’s not good enough for the Animal Protection and Rescue League and their ilk. They demanded that the farming of ducks and geese to use their livers for foie gras somehow rises to the level of cruelty. I can eat a Christmas goose. I can have Pekin Duck or Duck a l’Orange. But I can’t eat their liver. The duck or goose is still dead. It is still providing food for someone. So what changed? Nothing. Only a libtard could come up with something that stupid.

The economy is still tanking thanks to Obama’s socialism so what’s the best course to take? Sure! Close a farm that is the only one in the state that is producing a product that restaurants state-wide are willing to buy! Hey! Brilliant strategy, Napoleon! Now all of the people that work on that farm will be on the unemployment rolls. So instead of paying taxes, they will be eating taxes. The trucking companies that delivered the foie gras will lose revenue because they’re not making those specific runs any more. And they’ll pay less taxes because of it. They may even need to layoff a driver or two. Restaurants will lose revenue which means they will pay less taxes as well. Maybe even lay off a sous chef or two. And any layoffs will represent more drain on the unemployment system.

Tell me again who thought up this insipid law? Oh yeah — the democrats! Why am I not surprised?