My son kicks ass…

…in his high school debate.

My son had to choose to be a United States Senator for his government class. They were learning about Senate debates and each of the students had to be a specific Senator for this particular class assignment. So my son chose…

Senator Ted Cruz!!!

ka-BAM!  I’ll bet his teacher got the vapors over that one! He had to do some research on Senator Cruz and learned a lot about him. My son didn’t know he had been born in Canada. I told him that Mr. Cruz has renounced his Canadian citizenship because this fight we are in, he has said, is all about the United States.

Anyway, today was the start of the debates in class. One topic was the rights of the father in a pregnancy. He said some girl stood up and took the typical feminist tack that it is the woman’s right to choose and that the man is not involved. My son stood up and said, “You involved the man the instant you had unprotected sex with him.”

The second topic was the sanctity of marriage. One student was arguing that it doesn’t matter who you marry, it’s your right to marry who you choose. My son asked the question that Dr. Thomas Sowell asked, “If polygamists weren’t allowed to redefine marriage to suit themselves, why should homosexuals be allowed to?”

When the discussions ended, each student had to mark who made the best discussion points. The students around my son all marked him down as the one that made the best arguments!

Thank you Senator Cruz for your highly informative and intelligent statements!


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