Big LoFo Brother

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

Oh, geez! It’s Big Brother time again! How do you spell the sound you make when you projectile vomit?

These low information brain donors are worse than useless. They take time away from my TV viewing pleasure. My wife loves to watch it and I’m not sure why. So when I walk downstairs, I have to be subjected to a bunch of bratty LoFo Obama voters tell everyone their strategy to win…a game that will change their life not one whit because they will squander any winnings by donating it all to Planned Parenthood. It’s a shame more donations weren’t given to Planned Parenthood about 25 years ago.

Whenever any of these clods speaks (I’m still not sure it’s English they’re speaking) it’s as if someone took a three-pronged garden rake and dragged it across a chalkboard. Thank God I keep the Tylenol downstairs. All I’m trying to do is get a bite to eat or something to drink and I’m subjected to some rocket surgeon tell me in all of their breathless detail who they plan on removing from the game. Then the shot is cut to a few of the Obama voters conspiring as to their (use your best deep announcer’s voice here), Grand Strategy! Whenever I see that, all I can think about is the video below. Just put them and this “show” out of my misery.

Shoot zem. Shoot zem both.




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