Hope and Change — I’ve heard that somewhere before…

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Looks like Obama’s message isn’t even a good idea to the hollyweird script writers whose job it is to write about the future!




I’m important!

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No, not im-PO-tent, im-POR-tant.

I would like to thank Marooned in Marin for recognizing me as one of the web’s Most Influential Bloggers. Wow. It’s a bit of a weight but it is something all of us conservative bloggers know we are capable of carrying. We take our cue from good people like Andrew Breitbart who gave the liberals what we conservatives have had to take for so long. They hated it, but you knew Andrew had won, the day of Anthony Weiner’s press conference. Weiner refused to show and Andrew was just in the crowd to ask questions. A few in the old media started asking Andrew questions and pretty soon he was on stage and it was HIS press conference and he made sure everyone knew the truth. I would have loved to have seen Andrew Breitbart sink his teeth into Obama’s Benghazi policy. (I refuse to call them scandals. They are POLICY. A scandal is when you are found in bed with a dead woman or a live man.)

This is not a suck up but when I first read Marooned in Marin I realized that was something I could do as well. Living just north in Sonoma County there were many local issues I wanted to cover. I keep telling myself I’ll give up much of the national coverage and dig into the local California and North Bay issues. I keep telling myself that.

As for the recognition, I have been tasked with answering 7 questions. Here they are.

1. What shaped your current political philosophy?

I was in high school during the Watergate hearings and I remember that my mother was SO angry because they pre-empted Jeopardy! to show the hearings. She hated that and was very adamant about her distaste for the democrat showboating. Especially over a case of misdemeanor breaking and entering. However, as the hearings progressed, more information about Nixon was revealed. His proclivity for abuse of the IRS investigative power really angered me. Then in my senior year we had to take Government as a graduation requirement. The teacher told us of how FDR used to read the tax returns of prominent people and have the IRS investigate people he didn’t like. The way she said it was so flippant as if “All presidents do this.” That’s when I questioned the entire reason for the Watergate hearings. Why investigate a misdemeanor and it’s cover up and then act so sanctimonious about the IRS investigations of Nixon when FDR did the same thing and that was no big deal? It’s okay for democrats but not Republicans? You can see I was fighting the liberal indoctrination early.

Then I read a book called MiG Pilot: The Final Escape of Lieutenant Belenko by John Barron. In it, Victor Belenko tells of how as The New Soviet Man, he was shown some movies of bread and soup lines in the United States. He later found out they were from 1935-era depression newsreels even though he was told that this was a typical occurrence in every day America in the mid 1960s. Then, he did something that he told no one about: he asked a question to himself. He asked, “Okay, those are bread lines. But who owns all those cars I see parked and driving in the background?” Oooops! He realized the fallacy of liberal socialism because its propaganda cannot stand up to the simplest of scrutiny.

That’s when I started asking questions of democrat policy and found they were no different than the socialism that Mr. Belenko questioned. And those democrat policies wilted before the simplest of questions. I had already voted for Gerald Ford in 1976 and this just solidified my vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. I have voted Republican ever since and consider myself a conservative. A proud conservative.

2. Do you see a resurgence of the Tea Party movement before the 2014 mid-term elections? Why or why not?

No, I do not. The press in this country is very good at showing the LoFo’s (low information voters) just what they want them to see. In the Zimmerman case, the police had all of the raw evidence and refused to charge Mr. Zimmerman because they knew it wasn’t murder. However, the PRESS had the same raw evidence, but ALTERED it to make it look like Mr. Zimmerman was a racist and eventually got Obama/Jarret/Holder involved. Those three got the police chief removed and replaced with someone more “compliant.” Then Mr. Zimmerman was charged with murder. The press will just send their attack dogs after the Tea Party, lie about what they are, and the LoFo’s will come out in force to stop them — against their own best interests. The Tea Party will still be there but we’ll lose the House because RINOs like John Boehner hate the Tea Party and he will help the democrats win.

3. What is the most unreported political story that is being ignored by the “mainstream” media?

I would have to say the policy of Obama/Jarrett to use the IRS as a political hammer. When Nixon did it, they thought it was bad. When Obama got caught doing it, it was a phony scandal. What the old media isn’t doing is looking at the history of presidents doing this. For the last 100 years, practically every president (and certainly every democrat president) has used the IRS to attack his political opponents. This will never stop as long as the income tax remains. The only reason the IRS does this is because they can do this. Their mere existence gives unscrupulous presidents the ability to hammer their political opponents. If you want this to stop, you have to repeal the 16th amendment and gut the IRS. If you don’t want to repeal the 16th amendment and don’t want to gut the IRS, then you approve of presidents using them for deceitful and unethical actions. There is no middle ground here; either you abhor Gestapo-esque tactics or you approve of them.

4. Who do you see as a rising conservative name to watch?

Difficult, due to the fact that the GOP will always pick the biggest RINO and he will get the lion’s share of money and advertising that will bury a conservative. Here in California, most Republicans are pretty squishy. So, I’ll choose Nancy Mace of South Carolina. This is just an initial look and an opinion based on printed information. Read her bio. She sounds like a good conservative choice for South Carolina. Because Lindsey Graham is anything but that.

5. What do you do like to do away from blogging/political activism?

In no particular order: Photography. Cars. Airplanes. Music. Old movies.

6. Which do you prefer: Beach or Mountains?

Beach. There is nothing better than sharing a sunset over the Pacific Ocean with a special someone while listening to great music.

7. What is a quote you like to live by?

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.
— Will Rogers

Now, in keeping with the tradition, I will choose some bloggers that I respect and admire. Followed by the 7 dreaded questions they must answer.

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Okay, Ladies. Here are the rules.

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

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Now you have to answer these seven questions and nominate other worthy bloggers.

1. If you could interview anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

2. If Hillary Clinton gets the 2016 nomination, who will be her running mate?

3. Who is your early pick for the 2016 Republican nomination?

4. Will Valerie Jarrett ever be subpoenaed by Congress to testify? Why or why not?

5. Who is your personal hero and why?

6. If you could write the definitive history of the Obama administration, name the book and write a (short) prologue.

7. Beans and Franks or Quiche and Salad?

If you want to make the prologue longer, that’s fine. If you want to write the entire book, that’s fine too! I’ll buy a copy!  


Big LoFo Brother

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Oh, geez! It’s Big Brother time again! How do you spell the sound you make when you projectile vomit?

These low information brain donors are worse than useless. They take time away from my TV viewing pleasure. My wife loves to watch it and I’m not sure why. So when I walk downstairs, I have to be subjected to a bunch of bratty LoFo Obama voters tell everyone their strategy to win…a game that will change their life not one whit because they will squander any winnings by donating it all to Planned Parenthood. It’s a shame more donations weren’t given to Planned Parenthood about 25 years ago.

Whenever any of these clods speaks (I’m still not sure it’s English they’re speaking) it’s as if someone took a three-pronged garden rake and dragged it across a chalkboard. Thank God I keep the Tylenol downstairs. All I’m trying to do is get a bite to eat or something to drink and I’m subjected to some rocket surgeon tell me in all of their breathless detail who they plan on removing from the game. Then the shot is cut to a few of the Obama voters conspiring as to their (use your best deep announcer’s voice here), Grand Strategy! Whenever I see that, all I can think about is the video below. Just put them and this “show” out of my misery.

Shoot zem. Shoot zem both.