You know things are REAL bad when…

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

You know things are REAL bad when a TABLOID magazine starts telling the truth about you.

I don’t think Obama should have to wait to be impeached. I think he should do what his mentor Nixon did; resign the presidency. Of course, that means we get Slow Joe Biden as president. Oy veh! And who would Mr. Gaffetastic choose as HIS vice president? Well, since Biden was forced on Obama, I would think that “Biden’s” choice will be forced on him. Besides, how would you feel if a decision, ANY DECISION, was left up to Biden? Yeah, I just got the same chill up my spine, too! Remember those Bad Lip Reading videos where they do voice-overs of prominent people saying stupid things that seem to match what they really said? Well, I think Biden’s are real and the phony voice over is what we see on the evening news. Prove me wrong.

As for Biden’s choice for his VP, I’d be willing to bet it will be a former senator. One, because that would keep the Senate intact and no Republican could possibly be chosen to fill a vacancy. Two, because being a former senator, Biden will place a lot of weight on that. I think it will be one of these:

Evan Byah — Yes, a Senator who is also no longer in office. He’s also fairly young as politicians go, only 57. That would mean a 60 year old Byah could run for president in 2016. That could be a plus. However he is a Fox News contributor and is on the board of directors of Marathon Petroleum — both negatives for a democrat.

Pat Quinn — Governor of Illinois. If he doesn’t resign he could be indicted for any one of a number of crimes he has committed. Another politician from the Chicago mob fraternity. A perfect democrat replacement in the mold of Obama. (Actually I just threw Quinn in the mix because he is a typical Chicago democrat. A corrupt socialist politically correct fascist democrat. But I repeat myself.)

Blanche Lincoln — Another former senator, this time from Arkansas. She is also young (52) and supported ObamaTax. Those are her only two pluses for the democrats since she actually voted against the democrats occasionally. A bit of a dark horse. Being from Bubba Clinton’s home state, this brings us to…

Hillary Clinton — Not as far-fetched as you think. Besides, if she wants to run for president in 2016, being VP for a few years will make the Manure Spreading Media sound like a bunch of 7th grade girls talking about the latest teen idol. Of course, with Hillary just a heartbeat away from the presidency, Biden should be carrying around a cardiac needle, an ample dose of Adrenalin, and a fully-charged defibrillator.

The only good thing about Biden being president is that he might get rid of Valerie Jarrett and that anti-American socialist whore will no longer be making decisions that have a negative affect on millions of Americans.


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