What’s Retro is New

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

My wife and I went shopping the other night and she wanted to look at…blenders. So, we headed on over to JCPenny mostly because she had a 20% off coupon. There was lots of remodeling going on but finding the housewares section was pretty easy. I wanted to get some clothes and the housewares section was moved right to where men’s clothes used to be!

Well, we started looking at all of the fancy, heavy plastic, computer-controlled blenders and none seemed right. Then I spotted the retro model in the photo to the left. Massive glass pitcher — check! Brushed metal base — check! Single three-place metal-post toggle switch — double check! Look at that beast! Flip the 1940’s RadioShack high tech toggle switch up, and it locks in the on position. Back to the middle is off. Push to the bottom and it turns on, but letting go, springs the switch back to the middle off position. Geez! That “technology” is older than ME! I didn’t know they even made these anymore. This blender is so retro, I felt like I was channeling Fred Waring. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy it. Maybe 60 bux is a bit much for a glorified whisk.


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