Throw a flag? I don’t got to throw no stinkin’ flag!

Well, Super Bowl 47 is over and the 49ers lost. I’m disappointed. I said before the game, that I hoped it wouldn’t be decided by some official making a bad call. I needn’t have worried. The 49ers lost because some official didn’t make a call.

The 49ers had the ball, fourth and goal at the Ravens 5 yard line. Colin Kaepernick threw a fade pass to receiver Michael Crabtree in the corner of the end zone. The Ravens’ defensive back was grabbing his jersey while they were in the end zone. That is past the 5 yard allowance for contact. The replay clearly showed Crabtree’s jersey being stretched out. No penalty was called.

You can say what you want. Yes, the 49ers should not have gotten themselves into that position. Yes, they should not have let a kickoff be returned for a touchdown. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! BUT… they were in that position and they have a right to expect that if one of their players is fouled the officials will throw a flag. Didn’t happen. If the 49ers were ahead and on defense in that situation, I’ll bet the Ravens get the benefit of that call. I’ve seen less contact called pass interference. Hell, I’ve seen NO contact called pass interference! Oakland Raider safety Stuart Schweigert actually vaulted a receiver and batted a pass down. He never touched the receiver but got called for pass interference. But pulling a jersey isn’t? Some may say this is just sour grapes. Hardly. As I said, the 49ers had the right to expect that a penalty should have been called, since that has been called a penalty ever since I’ve been watching football. And I’ve been watching the NFL since 1965.

And another thing, during the fracas that occurred during the game, Baltimore Ravens’ cornerback Cary Williams, number 29, was feuding with the 49er players when he turned to his left, put both hands on an official, and pushed him enough for the official to be forced backward. Per league rules, that is a disqualification foul. A few Ravens’ players also took punches at some 49er players; some hit, some didn’t. By rule, those are 15 yard personal fouls. Second offense is disqualification. None of those was flagged. The talking heads said the officials didn’t want to interject themselves into the middle of the game. Unless I’m mistaken, that is their job!

I hope Jim Harbaugh and Jed York write a letter to the commissioner and the head of officiating stating that it is nice to know that the pulling of a receiver’s jersey while the ball is in the air, and striking an official, are no longer penalties in the NFL.

I guess those penalties don’t apply when you have a retiring player that needs to go out with another Super Bowl victory. The worst part was watching Ray Lewis bleat about winning when he had very little to do with the victory. Lewis should write a thank you letter to the head of NFL officiating. Good riddance to Ray Lewis.


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