The government won’t Leaf me alone

You must read this.

The State of Washington will be enforcing a new law that taxes (!) electric car owners $100 per year. Why? Because they use no gasoline and taxes on gasoline help pay for road improvement and maintenance. This does not apply to hybrids because they still use gas. So it seems this is aimed at the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf.

Extrapolate that to everyone in the United States using an all electric car. You won’t have a gas bill but you will be paying a lot more than $100 per year in road maintenance taxes. Why? Because there are no more internal combustion engines on the roads. Right now, even the hybrids are helping to defray the costs of upkeep on the highways and byways. But not so with the all electric cars. So if everyone has an electric car, those taxes could be thousands per year. Tell me again how you are putting one over on the oil companies by owning an electric car?

And speaking of the oil companies, if they’re not selling gasoline to everyone, then the costs for what products they do provide will go up. Such as, asphalt for roads, synthetic rubber used in car tires, and plastics, all which come from petroleum. You know all about plastics; they’re used in electric vehicles to keep the weight down so you can get more than 50 miles out of one charge. Tell me again how you are putting one over on the oil companies by owning an electric car?

This tax and the root cause behind it are so typical of liberals. On one side you have the pious liberals driving a Prius and telling everyone they should too. It’s better for the environment…or something like that. On the other side you have the ultra-liberal Washington State legislature raising taxes and telling everyone it’s good for them because they need the money for road maintenance. Did either of these two groups of rocket surgeons actually think for a moment and let everyone know that if they give up on electric and even hybrid cars and keep using cars with only internal combustion engines, the gas taxes will help pay for the roads? No, because both parties are aiming toward a common goal: fossil fuel usage at zero with no roads to maintain and public transportation (electric light rail) as the only way to get around.

Wait until the State of Washington finds out that they can tax every vehicle owner an extra few hundred dollars and say it’s for road improvements. Because the electric car owners are taxed, the government will claim that the hybrid owners aren’t paying their fair share either. (Middle class liberals not paying their fair share — BWAHAhahahahahahaha!) So they’ll bump the electric tax to $200 and initiate the hybrid tax at $100. Then, with sweaty palms and trembling hands and socialist stupidity, the government will tell every vehicle owner how bad, horrible, wicked, and evil they are for tearing up the roads. Of course, the only way to rectify that situation is to…wait for it…tax every vehicle owner. The taxes will go up to $300 for electric cars, $200 for hybrids, and $100 for all others. Then the legislature will use that money for something other than the roads and the tax rates will increase. Think this is a joke? Think social security, medicare, and 0bamaTax.

You’re welcome for the look ahead.


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