Hey, Bob Costas! Should we now ban alcohol?

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

This morning, another tragedy hit an NFL team. Dallas Cowboy defensive lineman Josh Brent got intoxicated and while driving with his teammate Jerry Brown, Jr., crashed his car and killed Mr. Brown.

Yes this is a tragedy because an innocent person died due to the thoughtlessness of another. Mr. Brent is an adult and knows that driving while intoxicated is a violation of the law. Here in California, along with our yearly vehicle registration bill, we get a slip of paper that shows, in graph form, how long it takes for a person of a specific weight to fully process an alcoholic beverage. I’m sure the State of Texas has similar info available. In other words, Mr. Brent was aware of what intoxication will do to your motor skills.

If you are a liberal and read the following, here is my politically correct disclaimer that you libtards require before every statement that you might find questionable. If you are intelligent and reading this, you may skip over the next paragraph and move onto the one after the next. The disclaimer is only meant to assuage the guilt of the koolaidians.

In reading the following I am not trying to make light of Mr. Brent’s crime nor the death of Mr. Brown. What I am going to make fun of is another brain-dead, knuckle-dragging, kool-aid drinking liberal by the name of Bob Costas.

When I found out about the crime and death in Dallas this morning, I immediately thought back to December 2, 2012 when Bob Costas, host of Football Night in America on NBC, took aim squarely at his foot and fired off his liberal mouth, metaphorically wounding his career. Mr. Costas quoted Kansas City area writer Jason Whitlock’s belief in what caused Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher to murder his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and then take his own life.

“If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

So Mr. Costas agrees with Mr. Whitlock that guns should be banned. Now, apply that logic to the case in Dallas this morning. What would Messrs. Costas and Whitlock ban? Cars? Tell that to Barry Soetoro since the gov’t now owns a majority in General Motors stock. And if you ban cars, be prepared for millions of car owners to run you over while police log the crime as accidental death.

Maybe we should ban alcoholic beverages? Because, Mr. Costas, you know that banning alcohol would never cause any problems and would actually reduce crime. (Scroll to the heading labeled Effects.) Yeah, that’s the ticket! Let’s ban alcohol! Or not.

The only thing left to ban Bob, is football. And if we do that, then you would be out of a job with nothing left to report. Which would be a good thing! Then unemployment among young blacks would increase and the number of black men attending college would decrease. I’m willing to bet, Mr. Costas that you don’t want either of those on your head.

There is one other solution, Mr. Costas. Stick to reading what others write about sports and just be a talking head. It’s what you’re good at. Don’t put your outdated, backwards, unconstitutional liberal beliefs into what you read. You just anger the viewers. Or, if you like, you can just STFU.


2 responses to “Hey, Bob Costas! Should we now ban alcohol?

  1. Poor Costas is just an intellectual lightweight who looks to bolster his socialist bona fides by spouting Nazi slogans and pabulum to his unexpecting audience.

    I pity the fool.

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