Charities begging for money

I just got a call from a charity begging for money. It’s normal this time of year as the holidays draw closer. However, there is no way that I, or for that matter anyone, will be able to afford charitable giving after this election.

When the woman on the phone stated the name of her charity, I said, “I’d like to help but since Barack Obama just got re-elected, I have no money and I won’t have any extra money for charity for at least the next 5-10 years.”

She said, “That has nothing to do with it,” quite disgustedly.

I said, “It has everything to do with it! Thank you for re-electing Obama.”

The call ended at that point. I think I’ve just found a sure fire way to say no to charities that is 100% truthful.

Fuck you, Obama.


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