The Evil of Moving Forward

40 years ago, director Stanley Kramer and writer Abby Mann made the movie Judgement At Nuremberg. It is a fictionalized account of 4 German judges that sentenced people to be sterlized or sent to concentration camps. Burt Lancaster played the part of Ernst Janning (YAHN-ing). In the clip above, Lancaster as Janning explains why it was so easy for Hitler to take over. How he was going to lead Germany out of its troubles.

“Forward is the great password,” exclaims Janning. Now look at this photo. It’s Katy Perry whoring for Obama. I wonder if she knows the bloody and deadly history of the slogan Forward? I wonder what Kramer and Mann would have to say about the current crop of Hollywood knuckle-draggers that are licking Obama’s boots and waving his Forward banner? I wonder if they would be shocked, seeing as how they found it so distasteful in 1961? I wonder how Burt Lancaster would feel about his fellow democrat actors falling for the same socialist rhetoric today that his character fell for in National Socialist Germany all those years ago?

Or maybe Forward is what we want…


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