Computer voting should be banned

Voters in the North Carolina county of Guilford found that their votes were not being cast for the candidate they thought they chose. When they voted by computer for Mitt Romney, their vote was cast for Barack Obama. Nice. Watch the video. The first woman had to try three times before it finally showed her correct choice.

The same thing happened in Las Vegas when Harry Reid was running for re-election to the United States Senate in 2010. Voters would choose the Republican candidate and the computer would choose Harry Reid. They even showed this to the polling place workers who couldn’t understand why that was happening. Please. When one voter just chose the check box that allowed you to vote all for one party, he double-checked and found all of the democrats had been selected, even though he had checked the box for all Republicans. He cleared it and had to go through the procedure 5 times before it accepted his choice of all Republicans. The poll workers went through the procedure with him and even saw the erroneous votes but just blew it off as a glitch because it eventually got the votes correct.

Remember, computers are GIGO — Garbage In, Garbage Out. The only way that this result happens is that someone had to code the computer to do that! There is no other explanation. There is no acceptable reason for this to happen. NONE! Computer software can be coded so that a blank choice is possible because approximately 1.5% to 2% of the voters make no choice for president anyway. Want to bet that people that intentionally undervote are now casting votes for Obama and all democrats — nation wide? This should be investigated but I doubt anything will come of it.

Closing questions: Do you think the illegal-in-the-United-States UN poll watchers will be looking for this type of voter fraud and will report it to the press? Wanna bet not?


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