All roads lead to Hitler

Yes, this post is about that crazy left-wing genocidal socialist bastard, Adolf Hitler.

There is a new game going around the interwebs. You open the Wikipedia home page and on the left you will see a link to Random Article. Click that link and you will be taken to a random page. At this point, you now have to click no more than 5 links to get to the Adolf Hitler page.

Let me give you an example:

Tijuana Cultural Center (random page — you start here and don’t count this page)
1.) Mesoamerica
2.) Religion
3.) Jews
4.) Nazi Germany
5.) Adolf Hitler

Here’s another:

Arja Nuolioja (random page)
1.) Gold Medal
2.) Olympic Games
3.) National Socialism (Nazism)
4.) Adolf Hitler

Down in four!

It is actually quite addictive. The challenge is to choose the not-so-obvious links to get started. In the examples above, Religion and Olympic Games were the easy choices. The trick is to see if you can choose something obscure and still win.

My son told me (tongue in cheek) that because of this — the ability to get to Hitler in 5 clicks or less — Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler are, in reality, the center of the world.

See if you can do it. I knew there was an actual real use for Wikipedia.


13 responses to “All roads lead to Hitler

  1. Saw the random page I got and said “no way”.

    Kill Yourself: The Movie
    1. Nuclear Blast
    2. Germany
    3. Adolf Hitler


  2. I did this 10+ times and never once landed on Hitler.

    Are there certain links in certain 'areas' of the 'Random Page' that we're supposed to be clicking because this does not work at all. Never even came close.

  3. You have to pick and choose. Look at the links. Some will jump out at you, some won't. The more obscure the link the less likely you are to find your way. Maybe I should have been a little more clear in the instructions. Just any random link you click may not get you there. You need to look at the links and choose wisely.

    I have yet to fail on this. I just did it again right now and here are the results:

    Tutor-Saliba Corporation (random page)
    1. Civil engineering
    2. Biology
    3. Charles Darwin
    4. Nazi eugenics
    5. Adolf Hitler

    I had to search for the links, but they are there.

  4. Try again. But this time be a little more discerning about the links you click. You don't have to over-think it, but don't under-think it either. Look what Anonymous said above. He never thought he'd get there but did in 3 clicks.

  5. My first random page try was too easy:

    Captain John Hugo Russell, 3rd Baron Ampthill CBE (4 October 1896–3 June 1973) was a British peer who served in the Royal Navy in both the First and Second World Wars.

    There should be a “degree of difficulty” factor. 🙂

  6. Okay I get it now. It worked this time, almost a little too easily. I hit Random Article and it gave me John Robson (canoer) and from there I clicked 'German' and voila.

  7. Just had to do this last one:

    OBS Model (random page)
    1. Computer programming
    2. Herman Hollerith
    3. Großfischlingen (Hollerith's father was born there)
    4. Germany
    5. Adolf Hitler

    For those that don't know, Herman Hollerith developed a mechanical tabulator and punch cards which was used to tabulate the 1890 U.S. census. The numbers for the 1880 census had taken 8 years to compile. The 1890 census took 1 year and they counted it twice. Hollerith started a company that later merged with another company to become IBM.

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