Know this

Please read this comment by BigFurHat over at He talks about the effort the media will make to ensure that 0bama is re-elected.

They simply want socialism and left-wing style government control in America, and Obama is that vehicle. They will run a gauntlet for him no matter what scandal erupts. There will be no October surprise. There will be no “sea change” moment that will amount to a hill of beans for the right. Show me the average “undecided voter” in America today and I will show you someone that has not heard a negative thing about Obama from the media.

I could not have said that better. The press is just a bunch of boot-licking lackeys that have no regard for the truth. Their job is to keep ALL politicians fairly honest by not choosing sides. Instead, they show a complete disregard for the duty that the framers of the Constitution knew they would have. Unfortunately for our country, the press has now become part of the problem.

And one other thing: it is obvious that the democrats don’t want the undecided voters to participate in this election. With flawed polls showing 0bama ahead in the battleground states, the democrats want the undecided voters to believe that their votes won’t matter, so they should just stay at home.

Which is weird because it was the participation of the undecided voters in 2008 that led to 0bama’s victory four years ago.


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