World Champions!

Buster Posey and Sergio Romo celebrate as Miguel Cabrera walks away dejected after looking at a called third stike to end Game 4 of the 2012 World Series which the Giants swept, 4 games to 0.

It took 10 innings to do it, but the San Francisco Giants won their second World Championship in three years last night. They had shut down the powerful hitting of the Detroit Tigers for the first three games. The Giants had never trailed in the score but the Tigers were not going to go quietly. Knowing that game four was do or die, the Tigers brought their big bats. But the Giants started the game they way they had all year, score early. Hunter Pence doubled in the 2nd inning and then Brandon Belt hit a triple to score Pence. It was Belt’s first hit in the series. Then in the bottom of the 3rd, Miguel Cabrera hit a home run to right field off of starter Matt Cain with a man on. It was the first lead for the Tigers in 29 innings. With Cain pitching well and great defense behind him, the Giants waited for their big hit. They got it in the top of the 6th when Marco Scutaro got on base and Buster Posey drove a home run over the left field wall just inside the foul pole.

The Giants had retaken the lead but it only lasted until the bottom of the inning. Delmon Young hit a home run off of Cain to tie the game. Cain pitched a full seven innings and, like Detroit starter Max Scherzer, allowed 3 runs but kept his team in the game. In the 8th inning, Jeremy Affelt started off by walking the lead-off batter but then struck out the next three batters — all of the Tigers’ big guns; Cabrera, Fielder, and Young. In the 9th, Affelt struck out the first batter but then Jhonny Peralta hit a long fly to centerfield that Angel Pagan ran down on the warning track. Santiago Casilla came in and got the last out.

In the top of the 10th, designated hitter Ryan Theriot singled to lead off the inning. Brandon Crawford bunted him to second and Angel Pagan struck out. Then with two out, Marco Scutaro singled and Theriot scored the go ahead run.

In the bottom of the 10th, Sergio Romo came in and faced the 1-2-3 hitters. He struck out the first two (Jackson and Kelly) and then had to face Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera. With the count no balls and two strikes, Cabrera was looking for Romo to throw his trademark slider. As the ball left Romo’s hand, Cabrera leaned in to reach for the slider but the ball didn’t break. Cabrera froze for a split second — that’s when the fastball from Romo went right down the pipe and the umpire rung him up! With the hopes of the Tigers and their fans riding on Cabrera’s bat, he never took a swing at an 89 mile per hour fastball that froze him like an ice sculpture.

Which is why I get to say:

San Franciso Giants — 2012 World Champions!

Please visit the Official Web Site of the San Francisco Giants for more stories, photos, and videos.

Together, We’re GIANT!


Computer voting should be banned

Voters in the North Carolina county of Guilford found that their votes were not being cast for the candidate they thought they chose. When they voted by computer for Mitt Romney, their vote was cast for Barack Obama. Nice. Watch the video. The first woman had to try three times before it finally showed her correct choice.

The same thing happened in Las Vegas when Harry Reid was running for re-election to the United States Senate in 2010. Voters would choose the Republican candidate and the computer would choose Harry Reid. They even showed this to the polling place workers who couldn’t understand why that was happening. Please. When one voter just chose the check box that allowed you to vote all for one party, he double-checked and found all of the democrats had been selected, even though he had checked the box for all Republicans. He cleared it and had to go through the procedure 5 times before it accepted his choice of all Republicans. The poll workers went through the procedure with him and even saw the erroneous votes but just blew it off as a glitch because it eventually got the votes correct.

Remember, computers are GIGO — Garbage In, Garbage Out. The only way that this result happens is that someone had to code the computer to do that! There is no other explanation. There is no acceptable reason for this to happen. NONE! Computer software can be coded so that a blank choice is possible because approximately 1.5% to 2% of the voters make no choice for president anyway. Want to bet that people that intentionally undervote are now casting votes for Obama and all democrats — nation wide? This should be investigated but I doubt anything will come of it.

Closing questions: Do you think the illegal-in-the-United-States UN poll watchers will be looking for this type of voter fraud and will report it to the press? Wanna bet not?

All roads lead to Hitler

Yes, this post is about that crazy left-wing genocidal socialist bastard, Adolf Hitler.

There is a new game going around the interwebs. You open the Wikipedia home page and on the left you will see a link to Random Article. Click that link and you will be taken to a random page. At this point, you now have to click no more than 5 links to get to the Adolf Hitler page.

Let me give you an example:

Tijuana Cultural Center (random page — you start here and don’t count this page)
1.) Mesoamerica
2.) Religion
3.) Jews
4.) Nazi Germany
5.) Adolf Hitler

Here’s another:

Arja Nuolioja (random page)
1.) Gold Medal
2.) Olympic Games
3.) National Socialism (Nazism)
4.) Adolf Hitler

Down in four!

It is actually quite addictive. The challenge is to choose the not-so-obvious links to get started. In the examples above, Religion and Olympic Games were the easy choices. The trick is to see if you can choose something obscure and still win.

My son told me (tongue in cheek) that because of this — the ability to get to Hitler in 5 clicks or less — Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler are, in reality, the center of the world.

See if you can do it. I knew there was an actual real use for Wikipedia.

Proposition 38 – More taxes

Actually, there are two tax increases on the California ballot this November: Proposition 30 and Proposition 38. However, Prop 30 is the governor’s idea and Prop 38 is the idea of the teachers-are-SOOOO-underpaid-that-we-have-to-increase-taxes crowd. This post deals with Prop 38.

I took this photo at a convenience store in Santa Rosa. Look at it closely. The CA State Lottery Commission is advertising on its own terminals that they gave over $12 million to Public schools in Sonoma County in 2011. I’m sure the other 57 CA counties have something similar on their lottery terminals. So right up front the Lottery Commission is telling you that the schools in your county get millions from the lottery. And they don’t deny it. It is part of the lottery law. 50% of the money goes to prizes, 34% goes to the schools, and 16% goes to administrative costs.

Questions: Then why do we need Prop 38? Why do we need to keep raising taxes to pay for schools? When the lottery was first introduced in 1985 we were told that the lottery would reduce the need for continual tax increases to pay for the schools. OH YES WE WERE!! The lottery was going to free us from, not all future tax increases, but for most of those dealing with school funding. Other tax increases would be for different services rather than the schools.

What changed? Why have the if-you’re-against-tax-increases-for-the-schools-you-are-anti-school-and-worse-anti-teacher crowd been able to ram through higher spending bills for the schools? Or did I just answer my own question? Wasn’t the lottery for this specific purpose? Yes, it was!

Darrell Steinberg, the President Pro Tem of the California State Senate said, “The real problem is that if you have multiple measures on the ballot, you dramatically increase the likelihood that they will all fail. That’s not an acceptable outcome.” (Italics mine)

In other words, you dumb rubes don’t know what’s best for The State. We in the Council of People’s Commissars are the only ones to understand that tax increases are good for you. So fork over more of your money because we need it and you can just do without something. Share a little more misery so the state employees can live a little better.

He may not have said that but I can bet that’s what that socialist was thinking.

Here is what I propose. The schools can keep the lottery money but they have to give up all funding increases through taxes that are not approved by 75% of the voters. No spending increase to the schools is allowed unless 75% of the voters agree. Or they give up the lottery money completely and end all pretense about the lottery “helping the schools.”

Stop the lying.

Know this

Please read this comment by BigFurHat over at He talks about the effort the media will make to ensure that 0bama is re-elected.

They simply want socialism and left-wing style government control in America, and Obama is that vehicle. They will run a gauntlet for him no matter what scandal erupts. There will be no October surprise. There will be no “sea change” moment that will amount to a hill of beans for the right. Show me the average “undecided voter” in America today and I will show you someone that has not heard a negative thing about Obama from the media.

I could not have said that better. The press is just a bunch of boot-licking lackeys that have no regard for the truth. Their job is to keep ALL politicians fairly honest by not choosing sides. Instead, they show a complete disregard for the duty that the framers of the Constitution knew they would have. Unfortunately for our country, the press has now become part of the problem.

And one other thing: it is obvious that the democrats don’t want the undecided voters to participate in this election. With flawed polls showing 0bama ahead in the battleground states, the democrats want the undecided voters to believe that their votes won’t matter, so they should just stay at home.

Which is weird because it was the participation of the undecided voters in 2008 that led to 0bama’s victory four years ago.