Keep moving backward

This photo, if you haven’t guessed, is from Fidel Castro’s Cuba. It says: The Revolution is doing great! Keep up the struggle, keep working, keep moving forward!

Forward? Yes. You know, the official Barack Obama 2012 campaign slogan? The linked photo is from the official Barack Obama store.

Why is it that every socialist uses Forward as their slogan? After all this time, Obama can’t come up with something new? Well, in all fairness he did try Win The Future (WTF?) but that is just another take on Forward. It reveals his messianic attitude toward the unwashed masses — he can do no wrong even if he uses the same tired National Socialist slogans that led Hitler into a campaign of typical socialist genocide.

If you want a refresher course on Forward, visit The People’s Cube to learn how it has been used by socialists and islamo-socialists for quite some time now.


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