A Collective Noun for a group of Muzloids

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

Collective nouns describe, usually, a group of animals. However, they are used to describe humans as well. And since we’re talking about muzloids, that would be animals anyway. (My apologies to all of the others in the animal kingdom.) With this in mind, I will offer some of my ideas as to what a group of muzloids should be called. Unfortunately, I’ll have to call them muslims. Mostly because we need to be grammatically correct. So the following would be read as:

A Blush of Boys
A Murder of Crows

Group Collective Noun
Boys Blush
Crows Murder

I wanted to give a few examples just so you get the idea. So, now on to naming a group of muzloids. My favorite is listed last.

Group Collective Noun
Muslims Terror
Muslims Intimidation
Muslims Babbling
Muslims Hijacking
Muslims Detention
Muslims Waterboarding
Muslims Target

Can you come up with more? Leave your ideas in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.  



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