It seems like every day now we get a new gaffe from VP Joe Biden. It seems like every time he opens his mouth we are treated to a new zinger or whopper that would get a Republican drawn and quartered.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t think this is happenstance. I believe there is something nefarious going on in the Obama camp. I’m wondering if this is all a covert plan to replace Biden. Send him out there and let him say whatever he wants. Hell, give him stupid stuff to say. Then at the convention, Biden is told he will not be on the ticket because of his gaffes. He is to go out and say to the crowd that he has chosen not be VP again — to spend more time with his family. Ann Barnhardt thinks Biden will “get” prostate cancer. Her reasoning is sound. This is her comment from IOwnTheWorld:

Prostate cancer. No external symptoms with a high survival rate, so death or extreme weight loss is not required or expected, yet serious enough to justify stepping down. It is the perfect cover story. Yep, my money is on “prostate cancer.”

When Obama addresses the crowd, he says that this news was completely unexpected and he has been floored by this revelation. He had no idea that Biden wanted to step down. Of course, he will support Joe in his decision and, if it is “prostate cancer,” he will wish Joe a speedy and full recovery. He then says that he will vow to make a choice before the end of the convention. To keep with the stagecraft, a few possible picks are flown in and interviewed. When the choice is made, it will be former Virginia Governor Mark Warner.

There are a few reasons for this. Virginia is a very important state. It is only 13 electoral votes but with 270 needed to win, every one is important. If for no other reason than to keep Romney/Ryan from getting them. But even more important than the electoral votes is the Virginia Senate race. Democrat Tim Kaine is up against Republican George Allen. Both are popular in the state but if Kaine wins, that means the senate seat stays democrat. Along with the possibility of the democrats holding onto the U.S. Senate.

Will the democrats dump Biden? Well, since Sarah Palin has said that’s what Obama should do, it may be difficult for them to make the change. If they do, Palin can take credit for the change and that the democrats are now taking advice from a True American Patriot. If they don’t and they lose the election, she gets to say, “I told you so.”

Personally, I think they just ignore Palin, make the change to energize the base, have the Enemedia™ tell the country how inspired this choice is, and hope for the best.

You heard it here first.

* Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out


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