Doubling down on stupidity

Listen to what this moron says. Yes, Mr. “You didn’t build it” Obama just stole it from Warren and ran with it. So, he’s doubling down on HER stupidity.

Stupidity? What would call someone that thinks that government is some kind of salubrious overlord that gifts the people with the magnificence of their generosity as they build roads, bridges, schools, and police and fire departments? Yeah, socialist. Which is the same thing as stupity.

Everything she mentions was paid for by taxes. She is trying to spearate taxes from the government. As if the government does this because they love us and we should genuflect in admiration of their beneficence. Remember, before a government can spend a dollar, they must first take a dollar. From where did they get that dollar? Business taxes maybe? Business does not take dollars. They trade goods or services for them. The government then taxes the business. So, if the business paid any taxes that were used to build the roads, bridges, schools, etc., then the business DID pay for them and DID help build them. In which case, Ms. Warren’s argument is false. This is true of course because taxes are fungible, that is, generic. Everything gets paid into the general fund and all taxes are disbursed from there. So business did build these things.

Question: What if the business she speaks of is a road and building contractor and the government contracted with them to build the road, the bridge, the school, the police station, and the fire house? That would mean that someone else didn’t build it and the business actually did. Right?

Elizabeth Warren is what passes for intelligence in the democrat party. And Obama has plagiarized it and doubled-down on it.


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