Survey, this!

Barky sent me an email and asked me to take a survey. So I did. Here are my responses.

I had to put something down for my age. And they said 0 was a good response. Yes, Barky is having a strong impact in my community. I live in Sonoma County, California. The koolaidians here think Barry walks on water. I’m not proud of anything he’s done.

Hey, jobs and economy and national security ARE the most important issues for this country! And so are taxes; they’re too high. I love the last question: What worries you most about Romney becoming the next president? I think my answer says it all.

How can anyone but a knuckle-dragging koolaidian be enthusiastic about Obama’s campaign, let alone Obama himself? And giving money to Obama’s campaign? BWAHAhahahahahaha! Once again, I think my answer says it all.

There is absolutely nothing important about Obama. Nothing.

Well, yes Barky, I think you’re finished. I would love to see the computer printout when it tries to determine just what liberal socialist pigeon-hole it tries to put me in. It’s pretty easy to rate Barky. On a scale of 1 to 10, yes, he’s a Zero.


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