Why I no longer care to watch the Olympics

My epiphany about the stupidity of the olympics took 2 full olympiads; 1984 in Sarajevo and 1988 in Calgary.

In the former, the US had a few athletes in the Nordic Combined (ski jump and cross-country). The US entrants were very good in cross-country but just average in ski jump. After the first round of ski jumping, the US held the 1st and 3rd places. Realizing that the strength of the US athletes was yet to come, the “judges” determined that it was unsafe to start the ski jump from that height. Never mind that ALL entrants had already jumped safely. They moved the jump height down a bit, forced everyone to go again, and they were happy with the results because the US was safely out of the top 10, and therefore, out of possible medal contention in a Nordic or Alpine event.

In Calgary in 1988, the women’s figure skating was a sham. East German Katarina Witt was up for her second gold in a row and US skater Debi Thomas was supposed to compete against her. In the prelims, an unknown Japanese skater, Midori Ito, rocked the house with her routines. She hit every part of every routine and was almost in shock when she finished — the crowd went crazy with her performance. She got 5.1s because this was her first olympics and “hadn’t paid her dues.” Witt and Thomas looked like two automatons going through the motions of trying NOT TO LOSE a medal. Then Canada’s own Elizabeth Manley skated her heart out and put both Witt and Thomas to shame. Granted, it was a hometown crowd but she, like Japan’s Ito, couldn’t believe how well she had done and the crowd responded. But…

Witt — Gold
Manley — Silver
Thomas — Bronze.

Should have been…

Manley — Gold
Ito — Silver
Witt or Thomas — Bronze (you pick, both were boring).

The winter olympics were always better in my mind because they were much faster. But now, with Russian and French judges screwing everyone else and the IOC refusing to take away every Russian and French medal, send both countries athletes back home, and ban them from the next two olympics (summer and winter), it’s just become a ho-hum of zero competition when you realize you’re going to lose no matter how well you perform. Kind of like Obama’s fundemental transformation of a once great country.


ObamaTax is Unconstitutional — as a tax

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

When Chief Justice John Roberts and the four liberals on the Supreme Court, two of whom were apppointed by Barack Obama, ruled that the Affordable Care Act was constitutional only as a tax, they also found it unconstitutional by declaring it a tax. Let me explain, but first, a few preliminaries.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause. They also ruled it was unconstitutional as a penalty. In fact, they ruled it unconstitutional in every case, save one. Let’s be clear about this: the Supreme Court reviewed each and every argument forwarded by the government and, in their opinion, disposed of each one except for the argument that it is a tax. So when you hear Nancy Pelosi say that it is not a tax it is a penalty, she is actually agreeing that the ACA is unconstitutional. How can it be otherwise? The Supreme Court ruled that if the funding portions are penalties, it’s unconstitutional — and Pelosi has said, more than once, that they are penalties. Which means she is calling it unconstitutional. This is called reason, logic, and common sense. That shouldn’t be difficult to understand, but were are talking about the person that said the Affordable Care Act would have to be passed first before they found out what was in it. Yeah — oy veh! But just so we’re clear — the Affordable Care Act is a TAX and no amount of lying or spin can change that fact. Now, on to it being unconstitutional as a tax.

The liberals are always telling us how eveyone has a right to choose. Well, more specifically, how women have a right to choose. What they mean is abortion, but they are trying to use euphemism to make the murder of innocent unborn defenseless babies more acceptable. But the important argument here is the right to choose. Remember, rights are not exclusive. That is, a right is not specific to one person or one group. If one person has a right, then all people have that right. It’s like liberals saying that a state is a right to work state. All states are right to work states. What they mean is, the state in question is a forced unionization state. Euphemism again.

Everyone has a right to choose. I have a right to choose — my job, my spouse, where I live, to which organizations I will be charitable, to which church I will attend, with whom I associate — WHETHER OR NOT I NEED HEALTH CARE. Think about that. But now, I will be TAXED for claiming and exercising my right to choose not to get healthcare. Would someone please explain to me what other rights are taxed — voting perhaps? No, that’s a poll tax and is illegal. How about free speech? Can the government tax my right to freedom of religion? What about my right to be secure in my person, house, papers, and effects? That’s the 4th Amendment by the way. Can the IRS search my papers without a warrant? What if there was a law that allowed me to stop any warrant if I pay a tax? Even the ACLU would start their own lawsuit to stop that tax.

And not to forget, liberals claim that healthcare is a right. Okay. Can the government compel me to claim and exercise one of my rights? Nope. Look at it this way. The 1st Amendment protects my right to free speech. Can the government compel me to speak? If they can, then that means the Miranda decision is out the window. The Supreme Court affirmed that the 2nd Amendment means that every citizen has a right to own a firearm for personal defense. Does that mean the government can force me to buy a gun? Nope. If healthcare is a right as liberals claim, can the government compel me to buy healthcare? According to ObamaTax, yes they can. So the liberals can now force me to claim and exercise a constitutional right. How soon before they force me to speak if I get arrested? Remember, it is the democrats that are forcing you to do this.

The fact is, no right can be taxed and no right can be compelled to be exercised. I have a right to choose my healthcare and whether or not I need any. But now, with ObamaTax, if I choose not to get any, my right will be taxed to force me to get healthcare. That’s unconstitutional folks, no matter how you look at it.

Taxing your rights, brought to you by the democrats. It seems the party of choice, isn’t.

Doubling down on stupidity

Listen to what this moron says. Yes, Mr. “You didn’t build it” Obama just stole it from Warren and ran with it. So, he’s doubling down on HER stupidity.

Stupidity? What would call someone that thinks that government is some kind of salubrious overlord that gifts the people with the magnificence of their generosity as they build roads, bridges, schools, and police and fire departments? Yeah, socialist. Which is the same thing as stupity.

Everything she mentions was paid for by taxes. She is trying to spearate taxes from the government. As if the government does this because they love us and we should genuflect in admiration of their beneficence. Remember, before a government can spend a dollar, they must first take a dollar. From where did they get that dollar? Business taxes maybe? Business does not take dollars. They trade goods or services for them. The government then taxes the business. So, if the business paid any taxes that were used to build the roads, bridges, schools, etc., then the business DID pay for them and DID help build them. In which case, Ms. Warren’s argument is false. This is true of course because taxes are fungible, that is, generic. Everything gets paid into the general fund and all taxes are disbursed from there. So business did build these things.

Question: What if the business she speaks of is a road and building contractor and the government contracted with them to build the road, the bridge, the school, the police station, and the fire house? That would mean that someone else didn’t build it and the business actually did. Right?

Elizabeth Warren is what passes for intelligence in the democrat party. And Obama has plagiarized it and doubled-down on it.