Justice Roberts, we have a penalty in the ACA!

Why yes, it is a tax! Which is why I am no longer calling it Obamacare. It is now Obamatax. Obama wanted this law. He pushed for it in Congress. He made sure that Nancy and Harry guided it through the House and Senate with extra special care. You know, that loving “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” taurusfimus from San Fran Nan. It has been called Obama’s signature piece of legislation; an appellation with which Obama is quite happy.

But nowhere in the Affordable Care Act is the word TAX even used. The bill is 2,800 pages long and it never once mentions the word tax! But Chief Justice John Roberts saw through that scam and called it what it was; a TAX. Fine, it’s the law of the land. It is also a tax. Now I want Obama to explain how a tax increase is not a tax increase. Remember Bush 41 and how he said no new taxes but then stepped in it by raising taxes anyway? In 2008, Obama said he would not raise taxes on anyone that made less than $250,000 per year. So he lied. And what is absolutely delicious is that Chief Justice John Roberts led the four liberals on the Supreme Court down the garden path. They went along happily, skipping, and hopping, and jumping, and singing, while they thought they just gave the conservatives a big bloody nose. But what happened was the four liberals on the Supreme Court, including the two Obama appointed, just called Obama a liar!

BWAHAhahahahahahahahaha! It’s a TAX!


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