Notes for douchebags

This just proves that, once again, Starbucks is run by a bunch of typical nose-in-the-clouds douchebags. Read the text in the photo to the right. Berry and Dark Cherry notes? What the hell does that mean? IT’S COFFEE! Stop treating it like it’s some expensive bottle of wine. And by the way, even expensive bottles of wine are produced by douchebags. And sometimes the cheap wines are the best.

So now Starbucks is trying to treat its coffee as though you can taste the different flavors, uh…“notes” in it. No you can’t! And if you say you can, you’ve just bought into the entire douchebagginess of advertising beverages. Besides, I thought most customers of Starbucks are liberals that go around spewing the awful nature of advertising and consumerism. I guess that doesn’t apply to what they buy.


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