An Apple a day keeps real employment at bay

I’ve always believed that the people that worked in the Apple “Genius” stores were anything but genuis. This pretty much proves it. According to the story, working at the Apple Store…

…has become one of the favorite “McJobs” in our economy for hip college graduates.

Remember in 2003 and 2004 when the unemployment rate was going down under President Bush and the Enemedia™ was calling the new jobs “McJobs” but using a very derogatory tone? I sure do. I guess McJobs are bad in a free economy (Bush) but teriffic in a socialist economy (Obama).

Anyway, back to the story.

Apple picks a small percentage of lucky candidates from the stack, which are submitted online, of course, through Apple’s web site. The company screens for “affability” and “self-directedness,” not tech savvy: The latter can be learned; the former is innate. Then Apple invites everyone to a “seminar” in a conference room at a hotel. If you’re a few minutes late, you’re eliminated.

The people who are offered jobs are often so happy that they burst into tears. (Emphasis mine.)

There are only two reasons for that type of response. They love Apple and its products so much they just can’t believe how lucky they are to work for their god. Or, being just out of college, with unemployment at 23% and no prospects for a real job, they just can’t believe they got any job in the Obama economy.

While I’m sure together they probably had a group orgasm at learning they would be working for Apple, I’m going with the second reason. There are a lot of parents that are telling their children to stay in college because there are no jobs. Actually, there are. In North Dakota. In the oil industry. It’s just that you need an engineering degree to get a good job there, not a fill-in-the-blank-studies degree that most liberals get.

And even if Romney gets elected, it will still be tough. The Bush tax cuts are set to expire in 2013 so that will have to be the first order of business for the new administration. Make them permanent and cut them again the following year. Maybe one or two percent a year for four years. That will do wonders for our economy. But they’ll have to cut government spending, too. The EPA and the Department of Education can hit the chopping block. And stop printing federal reserve paper; Obama has already done enough of that to last this country a decade or more. Then just sit back and watch the unemployment rate drop.


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