My creepy meter just pegged

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is being prosecuted for alledged sexual misconduct with minors. According to prosecutors, there are eight victims that have come forward to say Sandusky had anal sex with them while they were minors.

On an episode of Rock Center with Brian Williams, Sandusky was interviewed by NBC Sports host Bob Costas. Questions were asked and Sandusky answered them and many believed the session was live. It was not; it was a taped interview. Some of the questions and answers were left on the cutting-room floor and never aired by NBC. Now, while I have many grievances about NBC, I do not know their editing policy and this is not the time and place for that debate. What I do know is that prosecutors in the case have requested that unshown portions of the interview be allowed to be entered as evidence in the trial.

One of the questions and answers that was aired was this. Costas asked Sandusky directly if he had molested the victims. Sandusky answered:

I’m a very passionate person in terms of trying to make a difference in the lives of some young people,” Sandusky said in the interview. “I worked very hard to try to connect with them. To make them feel good about themselves. To be something significant in their lives. Maybe this gets misinterpreted, has gotten depending on…I know a lot of young people where it hasn’t. I have worked with many, many young people where there has been no misinterpretation of my actions and I have made a very significant difference in their lives.

What’s so creepy about that? Well, here’s the follow-up exchange that NBC did NOT air.

Costas: “But isn’t what you’re just describing the classic MO of many pedophiles?” he asked. “And that is that they gain the trust of young people, they don’t necessarily abuse every young person. [snip] So it’s entirely possible that you could’ve helped young boy A in some way that was not objectionable while horribly taking advantage of young boy[s] B, C, D and E. Isn’t that possible?”

Make sure you’re not holding something breakable or anything that can be used as a weapon, because your creepy meter is about to be pegged.

Sandusky: “I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped.”


Not every young person that I helped for sexual needs?

Deep breath, John. Calm down. Say what you want to say clearly.

In American Jurisprudence, there is an axiom that evidence is filtered through how a reasonable person might construe the evidence. If you see a car pull up to a bank, the passenger gets out with an empty pillowcase and runs inside, then a few minutes later he runs back out of the bank with a full pillowcase, jumps in the car and speeds away, you’d think you just saw a robbery. For all you know, the guy just picked up his wife’s laundry that she accidentally brought to work. But a reasonable person would say, “Investigate that! I just saw a robbery.”

“I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped.”

Any reasonable person would hear that and say it means that not every young person was molested but that some were. In essence, it is an admission and confession.

Now, defense attorneys have said that Sandusky suffers from histrionic personality disorder, a rare psychiatric illness. Why is it when these creeps finally indict themselves, they end up with a rare illness? Has the defense legal playbook become that obvious?

Sandusky is guilty. He just said so. Case closed.


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