The Real Velvet Revolution

In 1968, the people of Czechoslovakia were demanding more freedoms from their communist government. The government, realizing that an uprising could occur, began by implementing a more relaxed attitude toward freedom of the press. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics saw the freedom and acted. On August 21, 1968 the USSR sent tanks and troops into the city of Prague. They claimed the socialist government of Czechoslovakia asked them to, but only the useful idiots in the west actually believed that. The government of Czechoslovakia instituted the freedoms so why would they call in Soviet troops to stop something they wanted and started?

The leaders of the reform movement were taken to Moscow for “negotiations” and forced to sign the Moscow Protocol which re-instituted controls over the media and rolled back the reforms.

The following is from the real Velvet Revolution website.

On November 19, 1989, the people of Prague, in the former state of Czechoslovakia, gathered to commemorate a massacre of Czech students by Nazi Germany fifty years earlier. By the end of the day, the gathering turned into a demonstration against a ruling Communist government that had begun massacring Czechs and Slovaks from virtually the moment the Nazis were booted out. By December 29, 1989, without a shot fired, the protesters had driven out their Communist masters, electing poet, playwright, and political prisoner Vaclav Havel as interim President. This peaceful revolt by a peaceful people against their Stalinist puppet government became known as the “Velvet Revolution”.

Now, convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin is using the term Velvet Revolution to describe what he is doing. But what he is doing is the exact opposite of what the people of Czechoslovakia did to win their freedom. Kimberlin is using the ineptitude of the faceless bureaucracy of the American justice system to put a muzzle on his decractors. Basically, he is using the type of tacticts the Soviets used to kill off the 1968 Czechoslovakian uprising.

It is true that no one has a copyright on the term Velvet Revolution. However, we can do something about it. Make the real Velvet Revolution website one of your homepage tabs. This way, whenever you start your browser, it will show a hit on the page. After about 6 months of this with, hopefully, a few thousand people doing it, we may get over one million hits on the site! That may help to send Brett Kimberlin’s page down to the bottom of the Google stats. Link to the real page on Facebook, make a comment on Twitter, put it on your blogroll. I have. If you can’t do these, just visit it daily.

This is what is meant by a real Velvet Revolution.


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