Sanity returns to Wisconsin

Governor Scott Walker defeated the socialists and their thugs in the unions by beating Mayor Tom Barrett on Tuesday. However, listening to the news media before and after the vote is like A Tale of Two Cities. The liberal Enemedia™ would not let up on how important this vote was. It was historic; it was the most important political race in the country before November. As Rachael Maddow said, “…and that will affect every race, in every partisan election, on every ballot, from the race for dog catcher on up to the race for president.”

Except the socialists lost. Walker won with the vote of 54% to 46%. And what is the Enemedia™ saying now? The recall wasn’t important; it held little to no significance to the November vote. They even said that Governor Walker narrowly defeated Barrett. Narrowly defeated? Really? This from the same people that said Obama’s victory of 52% to 48% in 2008 over Senator McCain was a great triumph, a mandate for his policies. So, by their own admissions, Governor Walker’s victory was a great triumph. When Walker took over the Governorship, Wisconsin faced a defecit. Now, they are in surplus. So isn’t Walker winning this recall vote a mandate for his policies? Yes it is, but not according to the socialists.

And then we get this from the socialists.

Democrats were shocked. At the Barrett campaign headquarters, Christine O’Meally feared for the worst with Walker surviving the recall, “I see him becoming even more reactionary in his policies. I see him taking even more liberties with our civil liberties. I believe he’ll feel that he has political capital to do whatever he wants.”

You mean like the political capital Barack Obama had in 2009 when the socialists jammed gov’t run healthcare down our throats? Oh, Walker’s win is nothing like that. My mistake. Socialist policies are good; intelligent policies are bad.

And one more thing to the socialists — YOU PHOOKIN’ LOST!!! GET OVER IT. AND YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE IN NOVEMBER, TOO!


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