Obama and the Bundists

No, that’s not a new Pop/Rock Vocal Group. It’s the same tired old noise from socialists that fear the electorate learning the real truth about them. You see, Obama is at it again. In his third installment of having U.S. citizens fink on each other in as many years, Obama has created another one of his TruthTeams. Go here to see a graphic of the latest place you can snitch on your friends and family. A little history…

When Felix Dzerzhinsky was given the job of head of the secret police by Lenin, he used a tactic to keep the people cowed and suspicious of each other. He would send his socialist thugs into a community and arrest one person, then torture him. That person didn’t need to be a criminal, or even suspected of any crime. Whether he lived or died, whether he confessed to anything or not, was completely irrelevant to Dzerzhinsky. He would then arrest three more people from the same community and torture them. Once again, confession or death was irrelevant. If a few lived, all the better; the rest of the community would see the effects. He would then arrest ten people and restart the process. Again, a confession did not matter. Next time he would arrest 15 or 20 or 50. Then he would stop. That community has now been effectively rendered submissive. The people will not talk to each other. Parents won’t even speak to their children. Everyone is suspicious of everyone else. There is real fear, no terror, that you may let something slip. And if the government doesn’t initiate the knock on your door, a neighbor may hear what you said and report it to the government to keep in their good graces. You may live in fear of that slip-up for years, wondering when that knock on the door will happen. Now with the internet, Obama can not only do a dzerzhinsky, he can even one-up old Felix. A nice simple place to report on the activities of your fellow citizens.

Why isn’t the old media screaming bloody murder about this? Simple. They got him elected. To admit he is no better than Lenin or Dzerzhinsky or Stalin or fill-in-the-blank of some socialist genocidal bastard of your choice, is to admit he shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. Well, he shouldn’t have been! Look what he is doing! And the last two times this happened was in the Wilson and FDR administrations. Both wackadoodle socialists. Thanks to the old media for failing to vet Obama properly in 2008. Now the intelligent people have to do the job the old media won’t do.


Holy crap! I just just submitted this blog post to the ministry of truth. When I was done, what page do you think I was forwarded to? Yep! You got it right!

Stick a fork in me. I’m done.


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