Test of Fire

The time has come to step to the forge, hammer out our beliefs, and vote appropriately. Nothing we can do will be more important for the very survival of this nation. Either we let the forces of evil win, or we stand together to defeat them. In 1861, it was the time for our great-great grandparents. They slew the democrat demon called slavery. In 1941, it was the time for our parents and grandparents. They slew the liberal demon called National Socialism. In both cases, they knew that the very life of the country was at stake, and they stepped to the forge to hammer at the injustice before them. Now, it is Our Time. Our time to save what is left for our children and generations unborn. We have passed through the crucible; we have been fired in the kiln of righteousness. Our words are true, our cause is just, our resolve is steel. We will not be denied our freedom, our liberty, our opportunity. WE are America.


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