GameCopyWizard is a SCAM!

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

Just recently, I was looking for a way to backup some XBox 360 games. My kids keep scratching them or destroying them by moving the game console with the disc inside. Trust me, that’s not good. Anyway, I searched the web looking for a way to backup the discs. What I found was GameCopyWizard. If you go to the site, you will see what LOOKS like software you can download that will backup game discs. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Game Copy Wizard is a better and easier way for you to completely backup any Video Games. Completely unlike anything our competitors are offering, it allows you to make quality backups of your games using a CD or DVD burner.

That sounds pretty straightforward. How about this?

The GameCopyWizard is so advanced that it gets through the latest unbreakable protection easily and lets you Burn these games to any regular blank CD or DVD.

Wow! Advanced! Gets through “unbreakable” protection! And this?

With GameCopyWizard™, you can copy any Favourite Video Game in your system easier and faster. Usually Video Games can not often completely can be completely [sic] copied because of the in built protection. Unlike our competitors backup system, GameCopyWizard™ can not only get through the latest so called unbreakable protection applications, but also burns them to a Writeable media. Emphasis added.

And finally, this.

Our Game Copy Wizard Package will help You to backup virtually any video game using writeable media.

In case you’re interested, that last line is the “fine print” under the huge Download Now button. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I thought so too. So I paid for the software, downloaded and installed it. Whatever I was thinking, this software wasn’t it. Not even close. It is just a basic DVD creator and I already have one of those in Nero. So how do you backup your video game discs? Well, here are a few clues.

  • using a CD or DVD burner
  • lets you Burn these games
  • in your system
  • Unlike our competitors backup system
  • Game Copy Wizard Package
  • will help You

The keys here are backup system and package and help you. Yes. It’s not their software that does anything, it is a set of instructions on how to use a spare DVD drive, that you must disassemble to fool the computer, while using 3rd party software to read the disc and create an ISO file for later burning! You can, however, use their DVD creation software to burn the ISO file to a blank disc. This is a complete scam! Read their webpage and if you think that what they are saying is clear and to the point that what you are buying is access to their instructions on backing up video games, then you’re a better person than me! Personally, I do not recommend buying GameCopyWizard™ under any circumstances. However, if you have a spare DVD drive that you can disassemble, a way to connect it to your computer, and don’t mind being hoodwinked, then by all means, buy the product. Just remember, I did warn you. I just wished someone would have warned me.  



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