Are Voter ID Laws Racist?


Watch this video from MRCTV.

The following list is from a reply by commenter Menderman on the same topic at IOwnTheWorld.

If so, these are to:

Opening Bank Accounts
Getting Credit Cards
Using Credit Cards
Traveling Abroad
Drinking Alcohol
Smoking Tobacco
Buying Sudafed
Buying Cough Drops
Being Employed
Getting a Loan
Getting electricity
Getting Water
Getting a phone
Watching R-rated movies
Renting Cars
Staying in most hotels
Renting an apartment
Being a college student
Being a member of the press (note his ID)
Getting Auto insurance
Playing the Lottery
Entering a Casino
Being a stripper
Entering Strip Clubs
and hundreds of other things…

Personally, I believe that what this video proves beyond a doubt is that the democrats are USING blacks and racism as a means to continue vote fraud. Think about that. Blacks should be very angry about this. The democrats are calling for massive voter fraud in the name of all blacks and other minorities!

Why isn’t something being done? Because the old media agrees with how the blacks are used by the democrats as a means to stay in office. It has nothing to do with civil rights or voting rights. It has to do with power.

If I was black I would be so pissed off; mostly because I was being pissed-ON!


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