Mutiny on the Bounty

Well, the Saints screwed the pooch. Now they’re going to suffer the consequences and be hurting for about 3-5 years. Also, as of this writing, the Saints haven’t been able to get Drew Brees to sign. If he jumps ship, so will other free agents. Rut roh.

I think the NFL has taken the appropriate action against the Saints’ management. It would be nice to keep them out of the playoffs similar to the NCAA restricting post season play. But if you do that, the team will just try to lose (because there will be no incentive to win), get the first pick in the draft, and become even stronger in 2013-14. I think that allowing them to play in post season will actually hurt them more; they’ll believe they can actually make the playoffs.

The real question is, how is the NFL going to punish the players? They’re in a union and have appeals procedures for suspensions. If the NFL suspends them for half the season or the entire season, then they are saying, in essence, that a bounty on players is worse than drug or steroid use (which is usually punished with a 4 game suspension). I think the commissioner is meeting with the union reps and telling them there will be punishments handed down and no appeals will be allowed.

On the lighter side, my son has a 1.000 batting average. He said there is a Super Bowl curse; no home team will every play in the Super Bowl. When it was held in Dallas, Romo got injured — Cowboys out. Last year it was held in Indianapolis — Manning out with neck sugery. This year it’s in New Orleans — bounty scandal and massive suspensions. Goodbye Saints!


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