The Hell that is islam

I don’t believe in everything Pat Condell says. I believe in God and he does not. But the thing about Condell is that he doesn’t really care if I do as long as I don’t try to force it on him or anyone else. Freedom is, well…your choice. So I recommend Mr. Condell’s YouTube channel because he speaks out against the worst tyranny of our time: islam. I also recommend his video on cultural terrorism. He tells it like it is.

My point is that the liberals in this country accept islamic lies, like it being the religion of peace, because it’s no different from them. The reason the libturds so readily accept islam is because it uses the exact same tricks to insinuate itself into an intelligent culture and destroy it.

Socialists find freedom and intelligence somewhere in the world and go berserk because they can’t stand it when people are happy and successful. So they take over from the inside out. They take over academia, entertainment, and the press. Anyone that tries to sound the warning is branded as an alarmist or worse, a conspiracy theorist deserving re-education. When socialism fails, as it always does, the blame goes to whomever cannot defend themselves. Mostly because the press and entertainment industry controls what you see and hear. The takeover is complete when you are happy with your lot because you are just glad the gov’t is allowing you to live.

Everything I’ve said about socialism can be said about islam. This is why the democrats and RINOs in this country are so easily swayed by the islamic lies. When they stare at islam, they think they are looking in a mirror.


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