The 20 words you can’t say in front of Janet Napolitano

This is from Doug Ross.

Supposedly, if you use any of the following words on social media sites, you’ll be on the DHS watch list. Here are the words.

1) airport
2) sick
3) gas
4) cloud
5) mud slide or mudslide
6) canceled
7) interstate
8) recovery
9) home grown
10) marijuana
11) incident
12) police
13) infection
14) symptoms
15) North Korea
16) China
17) Tucson
18) San Diego
19) pork
20) help

No, I have no idea why those specific words. Here’s what I’m going to post on Facebook.

The incident on the interstate near San Diego yesterday had police puzzled for much of the day. They called for help from the Tucson Police because it was believed the gas cloud had originated in North Korea or China due to an unusual amount of inverted pork rectums being consumed. The airport was closed for much of the day with many flights canceled. After some people called in with symptoms, it was discovered that it was just some home grown marijuana that was causing the problem. One officer did get sick and showed signs of an infection but is well on the road to recovery after drinking a mudslide, for medicinal purposes.

Up yours, Nappy!


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