No, it IS Obama’s fault

This is a comment by Wraith left on this topic at IOwnTheWorld. The original post is from The People’s Cube. Some progtard took a picture of his poster of his eight reasons why he supports Obama.

I’m gonna slap the next person that whines about Obummer “inheriting” fill-in-the-blank from Bush. As if [the] dude was just standing around picking his nose and minding his own business, and we all came up and said, “You’re the President now. Fix all this.”

He wanted the job, he campaigned for it, he swore that the seas were going to recede and the planet was going to heal and free beer would fall from the sky and nothing bad would ever happen to anyone ever again, if only we elected him. Well, he got it — and he therefore owns the clusterfuck this country’s turned into under his pathetic and traitorous excuse for “leadership.”

But I shouldn’t be surprised that Obamanoids are still trying to blame everyone else but the responsible party. After all, that’s the core of Leftist thought.

{* bold and italics not in the original}

So the next time some mongoloid liberal stops dragging his knuckles, starts scratching his ass, and says, “Our messiah inherited this from Bush,” you can answer him with Wraith’s statement above.

Thank you, Wraith. The perfect answer to when the liberal douchebags blame anyone other than Obama.


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