I was accosted outside of the Santa Rosa Target store today by a man trying to get a petition signed. The petition was to force a label to be put on all genetically engineered food. The reason is quite simple; brain-dead, knuckle-dragging liberals think that GE food is bad for you. They want a label on it so you won’t buy it. They believe that organic food is somehow better than real food. What they fail to tell you is that an organic farm takes twice as much acreage to produce half as much food. They belittle nitrogen-based fertilizers as chemical fertilizers. As if nitrogen is a bad thing. Take a breath — yeah, that’s over 60% nitrogen. But to a libtard talking about farms, it’s a chemical and bad. Instead of using what intelligent people have known since the 19th century, the organic farmers use dung. Well, cow shit. And if you don’t wash those crops thoroughly, any residue and bacteria can get inside the smallest hole or crevice and infect the food and those that eat it. Bon apetit!

Not to mention that since they don’t use pesticides, the number of pests increases  which means more of the organic crops get destroyed and the overflow attacks the real farms which have to use even more  pesticides. So organic farms lead to more pesticide use. Typical. Ignorant. Liberals.

As for this moron with the petition, he had no idea that Luther Burbank (a Santa Rosa native) used genetic engineering to create the blight-resistant potato in response to the Irish potato famine. Had this moron been alive in Burbank’s time, he would have wanted to stop Burbank. And the world would have had more potato crops lost and more people would have gone hungry and even died.

It’s the law of unintended consequences. Liberals just don’t think socialism has any.


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