Why Ron Paul is dangerous

Posted by Stranded in Sonoma

If Ron Paul had the same convictions as Ronald Reagan with regards to foreign policy and geopolitics, I would vote for him. But he doesn’t!

His stance on foreign policy is similar to that of the isolationists in this country just prior to WWII. But it’s worse than that. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, even the most ardent of isolationists took a look at world events and realized this country was deep in the National Socialist doo-doo. Even they knew we were in a fight for our very freedom.

But even after the USS Cole bombing, 9-11, thousands of “honor” killings, beheadings of non-believers, “The Arab Spring,” and sharia creep in this country, Ron Paul still doesn’t get it! Once again, we are in a fight for our freedom — for our very way of life. And Ron Paul is willing to play kissy-face with the leaders of islam.

This is why Ron Paul is as dangerous as Barack Obama.  



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